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Andrii Golovnia
Andrii GolovniaCEO, Co-ownera.golovnia@designal.net

Designal Inc. (Co-owner, CEO), In Tech House Design (Co-founder, CEO), P.Eng.

Area of expertise: design of residential and commercial buildings. Provide professional architectural and structural services. Experienced in:
• Architectural Design
• Structural Design
• Land Development
• Storm water management

The focus of activity:
• Planned and designed projects such as residential, commercial and institutional buildings
• Ensured construction plans met guidelines and specifications of building codes and other regulations
• Supervision of construction sites
• Monitor and inspect construction projects
• Prepare construction specifications
• Cooperate and interact with clients for input the necessary requirements
• Prepared plans, sections, details and schematic drawings in AutoCAD and Revit
Vitalii Artomov
Vitalii ArtomovCVO, Co-ownerv.artomov@designal.net

Designal Inc. (Co-owner, CVO), Dystlab (Co-founder, CEO), PhD in Civil Engineering.

Vitalii has expertise in modelling, calculation and computer analysis of various industrial, civil, transport buildings and structures. He worked as an assistant professor at the National University of Railway Transport, Department of Bridges (Dnipro, Ukraine). Scientist, researcher, author of more than 20 scientific articles (about transport engineering, bridge dynamics etc.) and 100+ of various technical topics. He trained more than 2,000 students at the university (from 2004 to 2014) and 200+ students at individual and group courses in Dystlab Education.

Vitalii is a developer of TechEditor (professional environment for technical documentation development) and patented software for static and dynamic analysis "Belinda." He also is co-author of the National Annex to Ukrainian Eurocode DSTU EN 1991-2.

During the professional activity, Vitalii consulted engineers, architects, and managers of the construction industry from the CIS, England, Sweden, Israel, Canada and other countries. He leads an active social position, popularizes engineering, initiates events for engineers and actively supports the engineering community in the CIS and the world.

Practical experience: 17+ years.
Vladislav Bondar
Vladislav BondarStructural Engineer

Vlad has an engineering education and a diploma from the Ivan Pulyuy Ukrainian Polytechnic University in the field of industrial and civil engineering. He has practical experience in designing multi-story residential buildings and low-rise commercial buildings in Ukraine.

In his position, he calculates and prepares technical documentation by the Ontario Building Code.
220-2275 Lake Shore Boulevard West, Toronto, ON, M8V 3Y3

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