Our Commitment

To Sustainability
& Safety

The construction and engineering sectors have a hugely important role in delivering the infrastructure for a sustainable future.

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Structural engineering can make homes sustainable!

By choosing the right materials, structural engineers can improve a project's sustainability. And they can satisfy the needs and safety of a building's users with innovative and appropriate designs.

The global impact of our building materials is becoming increasingly important: where they come from, how they are processed, what they are made of.

Sustainability is critical in today's construction world. Our clients demand attractive yet flexible buildings to ensure their investment can have maximal returns.
Our team of professionals has experience with a wide range of sustainable design criteria and typically applies sustainable design strategies regardless of specific requirements or certifications obtained.


Integrate sustainable development goals into the company's strategies and initiatives

For sustainability to have the most significant impact, it must be viewed holistically across all disciplines rather than confined to building services and energy output.

Sustainable development is the concept, which connects planetary and environmental protection, prosperity and social justice.

From the initial design concepts, through the supply of materials, architectural methods, construction operations and energy efficiency, Designal uses SDGs to create better solutions.


We focus on achieving the following goals:

improving our design process to ensure that projects can achieve the highest possible level of environmental design
education of awareness and commitment to environmental sustainability among all participants of Designal
ensuring the sustainable design of knowledge, skills and resources in the construction industry
work with our customers to attract and support them in finding optimal solutions for sustainability

In addition, we believe that diverse teams can create great projects. Therefore, we are ready to hire professionals from different communities to work remotely or in our office, forming multicultural and gender-balanced teams.

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